Plastic free beauty products

I am a bit of a beauty junkie. I always have been. It’s only in the past few years that my eyes have opened and I’ve realised just how much waste I create from fulfilling my love of beauty products and makeup. So I have made a conscious effort to reduce all unnecessary purchases, and make better choices when purchasing.

I picked up a few new beauty bits this weekend whilst on a trip to Brighton, nearly all of which are plastic free, so wanted to share them.

I discovered WiDEYE natural skin and body care who are an ethical health and beauty store with three stores in the UK, the first was opened in Rye in 2015. Many of the stocked products came “naked”, such as bath bombs, solid shampoos, body bars and scrubs. Others are in tins or metal bottles.

I bought a Muscle Management Balm, £4.95 Bug Repellent Spray, £6.95 (plastic spray top) and the Early Bird Shave Bar, £9.95.

These are all in widely recycled aluminium containers, vegan (except the muscle balm), not tested on animals, synthetic dye and scent free and paraben free. The shave bar is Green Palm sustainably certified, meaning the palm oil used within it (as with all their products containing palm oil, which is used as a foaming agent) has come from a small batch of growers who have been audited and certified against the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

I bought my first safety razor and my partner bought a cut throat razor. The two razors, x2 packs of spare blades (5) for mine and x1 pack blades (100) for his came to £50. So this was an expensive initial outlay, however, we won’t ever need to replace the razors. With the blades costing only £1 per pack and requiring changing much less frequently, in the long term, there will be a significant cost saving. The blades can be recycled in scrap metal containers at local recycling facilities. Extreme caution needs to be taken when changing and handling the loose blades, and they must be kept away from children and anyone vulnerable.

I discovered Hisbe, an independant supermarket. Their mission is to source local, seasonal, ethical and sustainable food and reduce waste. Head to their website to read their Manifesto, it’s something I think Solihull Zero Wasters are entirely in line with and looking to achieve.

I spent ages perusing the aisles, and as well as some fresh sourdough loaves, I picked up a Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar in Lavender & Geranium, £2.62. Some Tabitha Eve organic makeup rounds, from £5.50 and a Georganics natural floss refill (pack of two, activated charcoal) £6.90.

Many plastic free beauty items are available at the Solihull Zero Wasters pop up events, details of which are published on our facebook page.

I bought my original Georganics natural floss, £4.90. This is made from charcoal fibres and polyester yarn. I actually significantly prefer it to floss I’ve previously used as I find it less slippy. It’s still minty and with it’s reusable glass case, you can see exactly when you’re about to run out. It’s PETA approved and vegan friendly.

My partner cannot get on with regular floss, so we picked up some bamboo charcoal floss picks too.

Other purchases included a Fit Pit Tea Tree & Orange deodorant, £4 and some EcoLiving bamboo cotton buds, from £2.49 and a Heavenly Organic Orange, Rose Geranium & Patchouli body scrub, from £9.99.

Have you recently made any switches to plastic free items, let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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